Giambertone Hair Extension

Leaders in the manufacturing of 100% natural hair.

Giambertone has over 120 years of experience in the industry, positioning itself as one of the most creative and advanced companies in products and professional services for hairdressers worldwide.

Our three lines of Extensions

This brand is a guarantee of careful work, which starts with the selection of high quality hair and goes through a long process, with the only aim to satisfy the different needs of the customer.



Accessible to everyone thanks to its affordable price, this line meets all the market areas in a transversal way.



Of unquestionable quality, this line is set on an average price range that perfectly meets the needs of a wide market area.



Giambertone’s masterpiece, this line is positioned on a higher price range that makes it exclusive but at the same time very attractive.

Experience and competence

The experience and business expertise of Giambertone have enabled in recent years to implement marketing operations, aimed solely at satisfying the entire Italian and international market.

Starting from this assumption, the company has developed three extension lines to redefine the product according to the same price ranges, always guaranteeing high quality and care in processing. Responding to the needs of one’s own target is a fundamental strong point for Giambertone who has always looked to the future.

Our Five Systems

From the DIY of the customer to the professionalism of the experts of this sector. The link of the 4 systems is always high quality.

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